A few weeks ago we asked Cindy, from ‘Your Movement’ as few questions. One of them was, ‘Why should someone do a mission trip with you?’ This was her response.

We have designed a unique leadership opportunity that deeply connects you with local community youth leaders in creating meaningful and lasting change on the ground together. This immersive experience of a lifetime,  is open to youth and students from 14-24 years old.  The next 11-day adventure is March 22nd – April 1st 2014 and will expose you to both the beauty and the poverty in the Dominican Republic.You’ll gain unforgettable perspective. You’ll be equipped to unleash the leader you have within. You’ll create global friendships. Guided by World Vision staff and local community leaders you will return inspired, built up, with fresh eyes, ready to lead change right where you are.

Your Movement is another amazing testimony of how active youth and young adults in Canada are in finding ways to help people around the world. It is being led by some amazing people including Cindy who are investing in others to create new leaders, doing humanitarian trips, raising funds for people in need, and finding people to sponsor children in need all over our planet.

You can find out more about their humanitarian trips at www.yourmovement.ca/trips

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