There are so many great stories of things our youth and young adults are doing across our nation. Very often there is a focus on why churches are losing this age group. However, did you ever stop to consider where they go? Some go no where, some go searching for new places to connect with, and then some step out to start something new.  All across our country there are young people who are finding new and creative ways to be the Church. It will be this new generation which propels the Church in Canada in the next few decades.

Meet Trevor and Becky Gingerich. They felt God was calling them to impact the lives of college and university students. They followed that burden and the Embassy at Humber College in Toronto was started. Here is a video about their ministry.

The Embassy is a student “church” that meets right on campus at Humber College (North Campus). Great music, solid teaching, and an opportunity to journey together with other students on your  campus toward spiritual growth.

The Embassy is a community that is passionate about Jesus’ message and mission, and we’re actively trying to live these out at Humber College. We believe that religion is useless if it doesn’t affect your life in a real way, and so if it’s not real, you won’t find it at The Embassy.

The Embassy may not look or feel like a traditional church, but we don’t do this for the sake of tradition. Everything that happens at The Embassy is designed to be relevant to your life, and regardless of where you’re at on your own spiritual journey, The Embassy is a safe place to ask questions and find answers. We hope to see you there!  Visit their site.


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