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Last year I had several people ask me this question. ‘Why are you a Christian? There doesn’t seem to be any proof that God exists.’ I know there are endless opinions on faith, God, and life but I don’t believe ‘Faith’ is blind as some suggest. Instead I think people believe because God is there, speaks to them in many ways, and is evident all around us. These posts are a few examples of my answer to this question.

I have been a skateboarder most of my life. Yes I am getting a bit to old to be jumping down stairs and handrails and I could possibly break a hip at any moment.

Way back in the day when I started skateboarding I watched every video and read every magazine to see and hear about my skateboarding idols. One of those guys was Christian Hosoi. This video is about his story.

When asked why I believe in God, one reason I give is because things like the story mentioned in this video happen. Over and over I have seen people so messed up, incredibly changed. Sometimes in an instant and some over time. If you listen to their stories they will tell you what happened. Christian Hosoi is one of those guys.

When faced with the overwhelming amount stories of God at work today, and throughout history, it would be impossible to claim that their is no supernatural. All one can do is claim they don’t accept this kind of proof. However, after seeing this happen over and over with my own eyes I am so thankful God is at work in these people’s lives and I know He is real.



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