Good….. You have likely been told to be good.  To do good.  You likely got rewarded for being good when you were kid.  You may have received money for getting good grades in school.  We also like it when others are good to us. It even feels right when we see something that is good. While Youtube has lots of examples of people doing stupid things there are also many examples of people’s goodness and kind acts that have gone viral as well.

Recently, there has been an outpouring of ‘coffee goodness’. It all started when one person paid hundreds of dollars to simply bless others with a free coffee. Some people heard about this and decided they to should pass on this goodness. I hope more kind acts like this become the norm. Goodness should be contagious.

You may have also experienced something when you have done something good for someone else.  For example have you even given something to someone in need and it felt good to do? Or you were actually excited to give a gift to someone, and not just receive one? Have you ever wondered why the act of giving something that belongs to you to another person actually causes a real physical and emotional response in you?

There are some things about people that don’t make sense without God.  Things like love. Goodness. It is quite a stretch to say that beings capable of these responses to goodness were not created with purpose. Even the fact most people have a moral compass that tells them things are right or wrong has to lead us to some conclusions on common connection.  Without some kind of outside source even our ideas of what right and wrong, and goodness,  are likely couldn’t exist as they would then totally be up to personal opinion.

But let’s get back to doing good for a moment. Here is my theory on why it feels good to do good. It has to do with our purpose. According to Ephesians 2:10 we were created to do good works. That as people we have been formed, destined, and made with an ability to do good. So when we step out and take part in an act of goodness we are actually stepping into the exact thing we were created to do. It is truly a God moment.

Doing good does not just create a physical, chemical, or emotional response in us. I believe it is really a spiritual experience. That is why every person, even those who do and those who don’t believe in God, all have the same response to goodness. We were made for it. It is just another sign of the divine. Go do some good. There is a God moment waiting for you.

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