Too much evidence.

For the past weeks I have been posting thoughts I have on why I believe in God. I know many people who have issues with the idea of a god(s) because they believe they have not seen, or experienced any proof of a god(s). While I know much of these discussions revolve around creation / science I would like to go in a different direction as that is only one aspect of a larger discussion.

Instead, I want to mention why I believe there is, in fact ,overwhelming evidence for God. As an experiment tonight I asked a few people who are Christians to think for a moment about how many things, times, experiences that have had in their lives where they knew God was real. This could be because of a miracle, experience, feeling, whatever.

Well I was quite surprised to hear the numbers some mentioned. A few people said it has been hundreds. I think personally I can relate to that as well, however, I am am sure many believers would say it is less for them.

So for argument sake though lets only use the number twenty-five. This is a low number since no one even said below twenty-five. Let’s then put that in perspective of how many Christians there are. (Let alone those of other faiths).

Just think that there are around two billions Christians today, not including those through out history. So if we go with each would say they have had twenty-five things happen to prove, show, and experience God then that would be 50,000,000,000 examples of God at work. Truthfully this would be an incredibly low amount as I believe that number could be much much higher.

Now for me to deny faith, or ever say there is no God, would mean this. Of all of these 50,000,000,000 examples of God at work today I would have to know all are false, misrepresentations, faked, or were tricks. For there to be no God literally means none of these actually took place as they appeared.

That certainly would be quite a claim for any one person to make, however that is exactly what some people are saying. I for one can’t deny or disprove all of these, neither can I prove them all. I am sure some were fakes, some misrepresentation, etc. However, if even one, just one, of these possibly hundreds of billions of testimonies are true – It Changes Everything. 

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