Idea – Buy a Dog

Life can be lonely by yourself.  In our own walk to be people who bless those around us it seems sometimes extremely difficult to make inroads with others. We need to find connecting points with other people.  Whether it be our immediate neighbors or those in our community.  The connecting points may be the local coffee shop, a bowling league, a soft ball team, or an endless list of possibilities.  The real question for you is, are you ever putting yourself anywhere to meet new people and start friendships.

You really don’t have to buy a dog.  But it may not hurt.  Five years ago our family got a new dog.  He was a cute six pound puppy.  If I am ever feeling like I need to meet some new people all I have to do is take my dog for a walk.  Our small puppy which is appropriately named bear now weighs about two hundred pounds and is a drooling St Bernard.  If I step out my door and walk through town I am guaranteed to have many conversations with everyone on the street.  Bear is one of our connecting points.  At the time, we thought we were just getting a dog.

What are your connecting points?

** To the single people out there. Sadly this may get you attention, but we cannot guarantee for 100% that you will get a date.  However, it can’t hurt to try.

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