It may seem a bit strange to some, however I am part of several online atheist groups and discussion boards.  I’m not there to bash people but to listen to people’s thoughts, perspectives, and reasons why they do not believe in God.  A common theme I’ve discovered is that people believe there isn’t any proof of the existence of God.  I once found a man who was offering money if anyone can prove a miracle has ever occurred.

Since putting myself into these discussions I’ve been frequently asked why I believe in God. One of the reasons I give is that I have seen too much proof He does exist.  I believe there is a lot evidence for God.

Over the past years I have been asking the same question to all the groups, sessions, churches, and conferences I’ve attended.  I want you to think about this question as well. How many times in your life have you had a God experience?  Just to clarify the question, a God moment could be a miracle (big or small), experiencing the love of God, a revelation, a God thought, God providing something you’ve needed or even an answered prayer.

I have been surprised to hear the number of God experiences people have experienced. A few people said it has been hundreds while others have said thousands. Personally I can relate a higher number, although I’m sure many believers would say it is less for them. In most church settings when I’ve asked the question, the average response is usually well over one hundred.

For argument’s sake, let’s use one hundred as an average. Now let’s then put that in perspective according to how many Christians there are, not to mention believers of other faiths. There are around two billion Christians today, not including those throughout history. If two billion people say they’ve had one hundred God experiences in their lifetime, then we actually have over 200,000,000,000 examples of God at work today.  Truthfully this would be an incredibly low amount as I believe that number is much, much higher, as many claim they have had thousands.

In order for me to deny my faith, or ever say there is no God would mean I would have to believe, or know, all these 200,000,000,000 examples of God at work today all are misrepresentations, fake, or were trickery. For there to be no God means none of these God experiences actually took place.

That would be a substantial claim for someone to make, however that’s exactly what people are saying when they claim God does not exist. I, for one, can neither prove or disprove all of these (although I’m sure some were fake or misrepresentations) However, if even one, just one, of these hundreds of billions of testimonies are true – it changes everything.  It is just an incredible improbability that there is no God.

This is an excerpt from the book ‘Before You Say Goodbye.’

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