Several weeks ago I decided to answer a challenge.  How do you know God is real?  People question is it just a feeling?  Is our faith only in the ‘unseen?’ Just Emotions?  Knowledge? All of the above? Or Can we experience God in our day to day lives?  Over the next few weeks I am just telling some of my stories and reasons why I believe.  Some will be experiences, some thoughts, and lessons I have learned.

I think it is fitting I am writing this as I am watching TV on a Friday night by myself. Well it may seem sad, it is what I do a many weeks.  Our kids are older and it is getting quieter all the time as the last place they want to be is hanging out with their parents on a Friday night.  Also, Shirley my wife is asleep already as she is getting up in a few hours for work as an RN.  In the last few years I can only remember one night that Shirley, myself, and our middle son were all home together on a Friday night.

This night was not only unique for that reason. Shirley and I were watching a movie together (I am not always alone) and our son came into the TV room with us and fell asleep on the floor. About an hour later just before Shirley and I would have left to go to bed our son began to have seizures.  He is diabetic and had taken too much insulin.  We rushed to get him a needle to get some sugar into him and called 911.  After getting medical attention, rushed to the hospital, etc he was ok within a few hours.

However, looking back it is not hard to believe that night we had someone watching out for us and our son. If he had gone to sleep in his own room, if he had of stayed at someone’s house, if we hadn’t of stayed up late, if he hadn’t fallen asleep then and there, if it hadn’t been the only night in years we were all there at the same time in the same room, if Shirley and I hadn’t been watching a movie that at least caught his attention for a few moments, or many other possibilities, he would have been gone.

I know many times things like this haven’t happened.  Tragedies do take place.  I myself have lost family members.  However, I think every once in a while something happens to remind us, show us, that there is in fact more to this life.

I am thankful that my son is still around.  I am thankful for a God who does watch out for us.  Some may think it is a fluke, just chance, a million to one odds, or I am reading to much into it. However, when I think back over my life and see how God has provided in certain situations, how things like this have happened several times, plus a few more stories I will share. It would be impossible to deny God has been at work.

More to Come.

Again I challenge you to think about why do you believe in God, or not.  If you do can you give a reason why?  Post yours.

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