‘Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.’  Carl Sagan

Science is built on facts. Or perhaps for some it is the discovery of those facts, ideas, and theories which until this point we have not understood. Science is growing and increasing in knowledge. Discoveries are still being made whether it has to do with incredibly large  subjects as the expanding universe or diving into the incredibly small world or molecules, particles, and atoms. At no time in history have we known so much, and understand there is still so much to learn.

Over the centuries many great thinkers predicted that this increase of understanding would cause an erosion, or be the demise, of faith. You can do a quick google search and find many examples of such ideas. However, here is a fact that challenges each person who has ever said those words, and to those who say such things now. Faith had not ended. Instead it has increased.

Not only were, and are, those type of predictions a bit off, they appear to be totally wrong. Instead of an ending as a result of science, there was growth. The facts, and through history, we see see that as the understanding of science increases, faith increases.

I am amazed how many non-religious people will use wording such as people of faith are anti-science, anti-free thought, or that science and faith are in conflict and you have to choose between the two. These are in lies thrown on the masses of reasonable people throughout the world. In fact, as people of faith we should actually be promoting science and the study of the universe. It seems that the more the world knows about the complexity of life, the universe, and how just incredible the world and life is, that awe and belief grow.

Science is turning out to be the biggest testimony of the greatness of God. With discovery comes insight into the incredible nature of the universe, the rules that flow throughout it, the smallness, and in fathomable size.

Know I know some may disagree with that idea. However, look at the facts. The percentage of people coming to faith on earth is not shrinking. There has never been as many people coming to faith as right now in our modern world.  Some may quote American stats about the slowing of some western Christianity, (Which may be a good thing) but world wide faith is on the increase. If you look at the past centuries and study percentages of believers in the world and different time periods you will discover that as science and understanding increased than so did faith.

This does not mean there has not been conflict in thought. When new ideas emerge people of every mindset hate to change.  You can obviously find religious people who are anti-science and you can find people who despite having an understanding of some piece of the universe don’t have faith in God and are anti-faith. The fighting between a few in each camp is just the same arguments that have been rehashed for thousands of years with none of them coming together because they are looking at the same things but coming up with different understandings.

Needless to say I am not worried. Instead I am hugely optimistic. If the current rate of ‘knowledge’ increases we only have more to look forward to.


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