Being Good without God?

I have seen this sign and similar bumper-sticker sayings in the past. I am sure it is unintentional but this group is doing more to promote faith than destroy it. By talking about ‘good’ they are bringing up something that can actually turn people to faith. It is true a person without faith in God […]

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Haemorrhaging Faith Explanation by David Overholt

[youtuber vimeo=’′] This is video featuring David Overholt. It is an explantation of what the Haemorrhaging Faith survey is and also why it is so very relevant to your church and ministry. You can purchase a copy of the full study at You can also purchase a copy of ‘Transfusing Life – A practical Response […]

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Helping Others Find Their God Moments

A truth from the Hemorrhaging Faith Survey – Young people who are engaged in the church today are far more likely to say that they have personally experienced the love and acceptance of God, as well as answered prayer, as those who are disengaged. Connection is important. We are all different, thank goodness. Just as […]

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Who do YOU want to EMULATE?

Who do you want to be like? As a skateboarder there are a few guys I have always idolized. I am amazed at the things they can do and wish I had the same skills they do. You likely have your own people to look up to. But beyond their skills or material things, who […]

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Some things change for the better. In the last few years the Gideons have taken huge strides in becoming relevant to the younger generations in Canada. Some people just know them for putting Bibles in hotels. However, they now have one of the best Bible Apps available, some of the most create Bible magazines, and […]

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