Some things change for the better. In the last few years the Gideons have taken huge strides in becoming relevant to the younger generations in Canada. Some people just know them for putting Bibles in hotels. However, they now have one of the best Bible Apps available, some of the most create Bible magazines, and now Sendme. This is an incredible ministry to help youth and young adults groups have tools and resources to share faith and hope with others. We are very pleased to be promoting them in ‘Before You Say Goodbye.’

We asked Ashely Bonnel of Sendme this question – How does SendMe help students share their faith?

SendMe provides students with access to God’s Word—the greatest resource on earth—God’s love letter to humanity. It heals, it transforms, and tells the story of redemption, grace, and love. We are equipping students to share their faith by supplying them with free Gospels of John for their outreach.

When students sign up at our website – – they will receive the Scriptures sent straight to their door free of charge. Along with that, we offer a free Bible app called “NewLife” with a full NLT version of the Bible and basic apologetics. A weekly blog is also sent reminding students of the Good News of the gospel – that Christ did for us what we could never do for ourselves!

Ashley Bonnell, Communications, The Gideons International In Canada, Tel# 1-888-482-4253 ext# 502,

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