Goodbye Generation




In a day when many denominations are struggling because they have lost almost all of their young people, we need to address what is stealing them away. David Sawler invites you to look at what the scriptures really say about the reasons that many people are giving for leaving. This is a book that gives hope and honest insight into one of the biggest struggles of the Church today.

This is not a book on stats or cold hard facts. It is true at times we need to hear those to wake us up to reality. However, this book came from a different source. We simply sat down with youth, young adults, and adults who used to go to church and asked them, “Why did you leave?” Goodbye Generation is a result of hearing those stories. It is not a top ten list or a book on a new program you need to start. It is not meant to just present an obvious problem, but rather to in-still hope for the future.



“Goodbye Generation provides a hopeful response for anyone is who is concerned about the faith journey of youth and young adults today. It’s gentle but poignant analysis of the issues is fair, compassionate, and ultimately helpful. It’s a wonderful blend of theological, ecclesiastical, cultural and developmental considerations. It not only informs but it inspires the reader to make a difference in the spiritual lives of this generation regardless of the cost.” — John H. Wilkinson, Ed.D., Executive Director, Toronto Youth For Christ Chair, EFC Youth and Young Adult Roundtable


“The emphasis of “Goodbye Generation” is absolutely essential as we engage our mission to children, youth and young adults. Personally I am prayerfully believing for an entire new DNA in the Church of Jesus in Canada that our Next Generation will be at the front edge of. It will be the Lead Generation not the Goodbye Generation. In his book David Sawler does some very important work to see this vision eventually become reality.” — David Wells, General Superintendent of the PAOC


“I hear it from many pastors across the country, “Our young adults have abandoned the church. The Goodbye Generation points out just how pervasive the problem really is. With few exceptions it is impacting every denomination and most churches. This book contributes significantly to the dialogue around this vital issue and provides input to the key questions of why they have left? And; what do we do to reengage them? No simple answers are given but a path or direction begins to take form that provides hope for those struggling with this daunting issue. This book is a must read for those that love the church and are heartbroken over the loss of this generation.” — Steve Wile Ed.D, Deputy Executive Director – Samaritan’s Purse and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Canada


“Our current cultural landscape is rife with confusion and complexity. So many different voices are sending conflicting messages which add to the whirlwind of this cultural malaise. It is so refreshing to hear voices that speak with clarity, compassion and authenticity. David Sawler is a leader who speaks with a clear voice. I recommend him wholeheartedly.” — Steve Osmond, Pastor of First Assembly and Tehillah


“This generations seem to be a study in contrasts! They may be one of the most “spiritually open” yet “institutionally” closed. They may be the most relationally connected but physically removed. The web has changed everything about relating. Reaching this generation will look very different than in the past and most certainly the future. What a great opportunity! An opportunity for creativity and a wonderful new expression of God to a generation that longs for true relationship, meaning and purpose!” — Mike Woodard, Campus for Christ, University Ministry National Director


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