Before You Say Goodbye




This is a fully web-interactive book for youth and young adults. It takes on many of the issues that many of this generation are faith destroyers and gives advice on how to navigate through these obstacles.

The focus however, is discovering why may churches, ministries, and denominations are not struggling with youth retention but are in fact thriving. This resource is designed to help young people discover and connect to practices, ministries, and online resources to help them in their faith journey.

It includes over one hundred links to videos, websites, stories, and ministries that are helping this generation thrive in their faith. You will watch stories online of how young people are starting ministries. Find out about ministries dedicated to answering tough faith questions. Learn how to get involved with ministries and mission trips around the world. And so much more.

This is the book is being talked about as ‘the one book every Christian Youth and Young Adult needs to read.’


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