Before They Say Goodbye




We asked ministers, authors, teachers, youth and children’s pastors all over the world this question. If you could tell a parent, minister, children’s or youth worker one piece of advice to help keep their children and youth strong in their faith, what would it be?

It is common knowledge that the majority of the children, youth, and young adults who have grown up in the church do not remain. However, many have been left wondering, “What…if anything…can we do?” Before They Say Goodbye is a proactive attempt to answer that question. David Sawler has put the ideas, advice, and stories from Christian leaders from around the world in a book that will be a benefit to every reader.

This book contains contributions, ideas, and advice from church leaders, pastors, and authors from around the world including the US, Canada, New Zealand, Bermuda, Germany, and the Dominican Republic. These include Sean Mcdowell, Brett Ulman, Don Mann, Jim Molloy, Jeremy Postal, Mark Griffin, Mike Miller, Carey Nieuwhof, Adrian Thomas, Jake Kircher, David Wells, Marcel deRegt, Nigel Cottle, Jonathan Lambe, and many more.


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