Beautiful Christ




There are many objections and questions people have about faith, life, and the Church. This book includes topics like creation, science, evolution, suffering, science, church failures, difficult issues in the Bible, the evils of religion, can people be moral without God, and many more. In a unique and thought provoking manner, David Sawler presents an incredible picture of Jesus, and shows how He can be seen through many of these modern questions and objections.

This book reveals why despite the many attacks on faith. Even though many claimed advances in science would destroy faith in this century. Despite the teaching and understanding on evolution. Despite a rise in skepticism and atheist thinkers. Despite incredible failures in church leaders. The Christian faith keeps increasing worldwide. Could it be there is more at work than just words? Could Jesus be greater, more beautiful, than all of these?



“Dave’s thoughts are a concise response to the challenge of our culture today! With a clear and simple dialogue, this book explains how ‘the faith’ must be understood and presented – Jesus! There is none other potent argument.” — Robert Melnichuk

Rob is the CTS Media Host and Producer of “It’s Your Call.” Apologetic talk media designed to contend for the faith in a culture that challenges the Biblical worldview. Streaming live on-line every weeknight and broadcast on CTS-TV from 1 AM to 2:30 AM EST.


“Beautiful Christ will take you on a journey through the doubts and questions so many people encounter when facing their own spirituality, and in particular, what it means to be a Christian. Dave Sawler helps us see the beauty of a life found in Jesus Christ.” — Nick Philips

Nick is a minister in the United Church of Canada serving in Cape Breton, NS. He blogs at


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