Several years ago as I was working with a team at a YWAM base in Monterrey, Mexico.  Some of the staff told us about a woman we needed to meet.  They drove me and a few of my team to her modest house in a neighborhood where most of us would never consider living.  When we got there, I was welcomed to a very full house.  This woman, who is not known outside of her own neighborhood, had over fifty orphan children living in her house.  She had changed everything to help children who had no one to take care of them.

When I think of this older lady, I know many people wouldn’t think of her as successful in the world’s view.  She is not wealthy, not well known, has given up her own space for others, does not have a well know ministry, or any great status.  However, if the greatest in the Kingdom of God is the one who serves, or if there really is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends, then this woman is a picture of success in the eyes of God.  Success in the Kingdom of God does not mean we have to be the center of attention, but, rather it is okay if those we are serving are.

I am amazed at how much of our outreach in the church involves us being in front of people.  We sing, do productions, plays, dramas, have TV shows, etc.  Perhaps God is looking for people who will put someone else on display.  If what we do for the least is really being done to and for Him, then shouldn’t He be the center?

A beginning point of real discipleship is a simple willingness to lay our lives down for others.  It is a rejection, of even the idea, of doing ministry in order to receive praise and recognition.  It is about taking the focus off ourselves, and lifting up those around us.

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