There will always be change. The message of the gospel is always true and yet the methods we use to share hope, love, and the message of Jesus may take new forms. Over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing many of the stories of youth and young adults from across Canada who have found their own ways to live out their faith.

Laura Bronson is a passionate young person who travels across Canada, and the world, sharing about Jesus in creative ways while challenging others to do the same. She started a ministry called Keep It Real which uses the mediums of skateboarding, graffiti, and rap to tell the stories of a God who is alive today.

Laura and her team are at youth events, churches, and conferences year round and are having a huge impact on the youth culture of today. Her story is an amazing journey about how God can use the gifts, interests, and even hobbies that God gives us to positively effect those around us.

Check out her website at and watch her story – Click the ‘Watch on Vimeo’ below.

‘Before You Say Goodbye’ has over 125 links / videos / weskits / organizations attached to it. You will be inspired when you hear about the things this generation is doing across our nation.

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