‘My prayer for my kids is that they will go further in ministry, do more, share the gospel with more people, go places I will never go, and have experiences with God that I never have.’

I heard my own father say that and similar statements many times about my brother, sister, and myself. I know I walk today under the blessing of my father. He prayed for and declared our success all our lives.

I know at times we caused our parents much grief. But there is something about having parents that don’t give up; that stay up praying when their kids don’t come home; that don’t let go when you choose to run away; that stand looking and waiting for their lost son to return.

I have never been without a home, without a family, without someone to call out to when Iwas in trouble. I have always known someone believed in me. I have always known someone was calling out to God on my behalf.

I am what I am today because of my father. I am my father’s son.

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