Does Church Attendance Affect Faith? Yes it does.

Does attending a church, or not, affect your faith? According to our Canadian stats the answer is definitely yes. Over 60% of young adults who stop attending their faith groups (Church, Home groups, Etc) will drop their faith affiliation within one year of leaving. Another truth worth looking at is the result of a parent’s […]

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Being an Advocate and being Annoying

I live a life of extremes. I know I am involved with too many things and have far too many passions in life. My head sometimes spins with ideas, thinking of ways to create something, challenge people, and then sometimes I am overcome with the needs of where I live. I know all of this […]

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Canadian Youth Network Tour Video

In May of 2014 the Canadian Youth Network toured numerous cities in Canada. Every year they take time to invest and encourage youth workers. This year they showed three videos with lessons from Before You Say Goodbye. This is the first which gives a bit of and overview of the project. Enjoy. Canadian Youth Network […]

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Some things change for the better. In the last few years the Gideons have taken huge strides in becoming relevant to the younger generations in Canada. Some people just know them for putting Bibles in hotels. However, they now have one of the best Bible Apps available, some of the most create Bible magazines, and […]

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