After a year of work we have finally finished putting together a one of kind resource for Canadian Youth and Young Adults. It is a web-interactive magazine style book that is a proactive response to the Hemorrhaging Faith study. The goal is simple, we are trying to help connect youth and young adults to faith habits, practices, ministries, and online content that will help keep them engaged in their faith. Here is a video about Before You Say Goodbye.

How does it Work?
– It is a book in itself full of stories, advice, and answers to today’s top faith questions from Canadian youth.
– It is the best collection of free online content for this age group. There are literally hundreds of online stories, videos, and websites connected to this project.
– Anyone with a smart phone can simply point their phone at the pages and videos, websites, and stories will open.
– Anyone reading this on a tablet or computer will be able to simply click on the pages and all the web-content will work as well.
– There is a free study guide being released in January so youth groups, families, and Churches can go through this material together.

– Many of the top youth leaders, writers, and pastors have come together to answer the faith questions of today’s teen and young adults. Here is a list of some of the contributors in this project –

Matt Wilkinson, Ken Moser, Laura Bronson, Sean Cullen, James Penner, Andy Bannister, John Latta, Shauna Jenkins, Jonathan Grimes, Sandy Colero, Ken Castor, Danielle Carabin, Caleb Elias, Clint Houlbrook, Dale Stairs, Robb Powell, Sheldon Macleod, Adrian Thomas, Eldon Wright, Brett Ullman, Andrew Lamme, Chris Chase, Carl Nash, Paul Robertson, David Guretzki, Sid Koop, Rob Haslam, Tim Houck, and Ron Powell.

Free Web Content and Resources
– There are over 125 QR Codes and Web-links in Before You Say Goodbye. Each ones takes you to a video or websites. Each one is an amazing resource for youth and young adults. They will discover great online content written just for them. They will hear stories of what youth and young adults are doing across Canada, discover ministries to get involved with, find out what schools and universities have Christian groups meeting in them, and so much more.
– Churches and Youth Ministries are encouraged to use and download all the content, videos, and websites.
– Here is one Example – Click



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