Promo Video for the new ‘Beautiful Christ’ book. It is subtitled, ‘Why I believe, in an age of skeptics’.

There are many objections and questions people have about faith, life, and the Church.  This book includes topics like creation, science, evolution, suffering, science, church failures, difficult issues in the Bible, the evils of religion, can people be moral without God, and many more.  In a unique and thought provoking manner, I try to present an incredible picture of Jesus, and show how He can be seen through many of these modern questions and objections.

This book reveals why despite the many attacks on faith that is continues to thrive.  Even though many claimed advances in science would destroy faith in this century.  Despite the teaching and understanding on evolution.  Despite a rise in skepticism and atheist thinkers.  Despite incredible failures in church leaders.  The Christian faith keeps increasing worldwide.  Could it be there is more at work than just words?  Could Jesus be greater, more beautiful, than all of these?

You can purchase a pdf version book here.



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