Before You Say Goodbye tells the stories of just some of the incredible things happening with youth and young adults across our nation.  Some are in print, but we also have many links to videos, in the print and e-book version, to stories like this one from a Church that recently started in a home of a young family in Cape Breton.

Many denominations are struggling with keeping their youth and young adults and think it is the end. It is not. In fact, we have to explore the possibility God is behind it all. In the days of the early church Christianity spread the furthest when people were forced out of their meeting places, homes, and communities. I believe we are seeing a modern day reformation of the Church in Canada. Perhaps, God is forcing us out of our buildings and comfort and into the world were we need to serve and meet people where they are at.

I am amazed at is the incredible amount of new Churches starting across or nation. Most of these are being started by young men and women. This is incredibly exciting because new churches attract new people, share the gospel with more people, and see larger amounts of new Christians.

I happen to live in Cape Breton where many churches have closed or are closing. However, there has never been a time in recent history that there were as many new churches starting as there is right now. We have so much to look forward to.

If you would like to order copies of Before You Say Goodbye for your church, youth ministry, or young adults they are available in group orders at discounted rates if you order before December 31. Just check out the store link.



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