I am a husband to my wife Shirley. We are trying our best to raise our three kids which are now all young adults, and a group of giant dogs. We have dedicated our lives to minister to the people of Cape Breton.



I presently help oversee a group of ministries which work together to see our communities transformed. Lighthouse Church (Sydney and Glace Bay), Undercurrent Youth Centres, and Cape Breton Discipleship Adventure (Youth for Christ).


If you don’t know where Cape Breton is it the eastern part of Nova Scotia and has one of the lowest percentage of young people and young adults engaged in any church in Canada. Previously, I spent eleven years as a youth, young adult, and missions pastor.


I try in a very simple and honest way to challenge people to live like Jesus without the clutter that is usually attached. I spend a bit of time speaking to youth, young adults, parents, and leaders about why people walk away from their churches and faith. I hope to re-engage many on the fringe and to speak hope into the lives of people, ministries, and churches today.


On a personal side I have been an extreme sports fan and participant most of my life. I have been an active snowboarder and skateboarder for almost thirty years. I have a few other hobbies like photography, video shooting and editing, and playing music.


Over the past few years I started writing and now blogging. I do not claim to have all the answers, but I have a lot of questions. I am not offended by people who disagree or think differently than me. I love discussing issues of life, love, and faith.