A Letter to Senior Pastors

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Dear Senior Pastor and Leadership Team, My name is David Sawler. I am senior leader of a Church in Glace Bay, NS. For the past decade of my life I have been studying and speaking on the topic of why a... Read More

Why Not Just Leave?

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A friend of mine responded to this question.  ‘If someone you knew was going to leave their church or faith, what would you say to them?’ His response may hold some of the ‘truth’ of ... Read More

Questioning the Numbers

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Some people love stats and some simply hate them.  When it comes to all the statistics on the retention of youth and young adults in our churches, I certainly have a love / hate relationship.  It se... Read More

When Leaders Fail

While many people list many reasons why they believe people leave the Church, where I live in Nova Scotia, we seem to have one reoccurring theme right now. Most would say it is because of the failings... Read More