The Beautiful Good

I can be, and am, moral without God, I do not need a belief in a deity to make right choices. Religious people make bad choices all the time, this alone proves they have no moral advantage over the rest of us. Anonymous It is amazing how even a small gift of goodness can change […]

Why be part of a Church? Because it is far more than a gathering, it is a Covenant Community

The question should never be whether or not  you attending a church. Attending does not ensure spiritual growth, involvement, or your desire to be there. The question needs to be, ‘are you living out your faith within a community of friends?’ It isn’t just about the location, style, or traditions of your particular church. It […]

Does Church Attendance Affect Faith? Yes it does.

Does attending a church, or not, affect your faith? According to our Canadian stats the answer is definitely yes. Over 60% of young adults who stop attending their faith groups (Church, Home groups, Etc) will drop their faith affiliation within one year of leaving. Another truth worth looking at is the result of a parent’s […]

Religion and Your Evil Grandmother

There are people who have very strong anti-religious and anti-faith messages. Not only are they questioning aspects of religion or faith, they are also saying even the idea, or practice, of a religion is in fact, dangerous and the cause of evil.   Let me be the first person to point out that much evil […]

Turning the Tide on Judgement

When youth and young adults, who grew up in the Church, were asked, ‘What repels you from Church the topic of judgement rose to the surface. It seems it has affected them in two ways. They have felt judged, and they feel that judgement exist in their church setting. It is such a big issue […]

Why I Believe – Reason Number 8

I do not even pretend to know everything about God and how He works. I am surprised sometimes with the things that have happened in my own life, despite my own limitations and failings. I have had my own share of questions of faith, times of doubt, and then also days like today, which go […]

Trouble is Coming, Get Ready

God blesses.  It is His promise.  This truth is stated repeatedly in the Word.  He watches over us, protects us, sustains us, and hears our prayers.  These are truths.  There have been some who have taken these truths out of context and have turned them into something that is incredibly destructive. The culture in which […]

Is This An Emergency, or Just the Way It Is?

NORMAL. Activities that are ’normal’ are things that that reoccur, are regular, happen a lot, or just ‘the way it is.’ What we grow up in, or live with, ‘becomes our normal,’ the way we think life is. I do not claim to be an expert on this subject, and the following is only my […]

Being Good without God?

I have seen this sign and similar bumper-sticker sayings in the past. I am sure it is unintentional but this group is doing more to promote faith than destroy it. By talking about ‘good’ they are bringing up something that can actually turn people to faith. It is true a person without faith in God […]

My Father

‘My prayer for my kids is that they will go further in ministry, do more, share the gospel with more people, go places I will never go, and have experiences with God that I never have.’ I heard my own father say that and similar statements many times about my brother, sister, and myself. I […]

Canadian Youth Network Tour Video

In May of 2014 the Canadian Youth Network toured numerous cities in Canada. Every year they take time to invest and encourage youth workers. This year they showed three videos with lessons from Before You Say Goodbye. This is the first which gives a bit of and overview of the project. Enjoy. Canadian Youth Network […]

Haemorrhaging Faith Explanation by David Overholt

[youtuber vimeo=’′] This is video featuring David Overholt. It is an explantation of what the Haemorrhaging Faith survey is and also why it is so very relevant to your church and ministry. You can purchase a copy of the full study at You can also purchase a copy of ‘Transfusing Life – A practical Response […] is Here

Some things change for the better. In the last few years the Gideons have taken huge strides in becoming relevant to the younger generations in Canada. Some people just know them for putting Bibles in hotels. However, they now have one of the best Bible Apps available, some of the most create Bible magazines, and […]

What is ‘Not Who I Was?’

One of the highlights of being involved with Before You Say Goodbye was discovering a few of the people across Canada who are producing incredible resources for youth and young adults.  Shauna Jenkins is one of those people.  Her website ‘Not Who I Was’ is full of extremely well done video testimonies. There is a […]

Faith and Short Term Missions

Last year when the Hemorrhaging Faith Survey came out there was a lot of focus on why many Christian faith groups were struggling with keeping their youth and young adults. However, there was also other information that was discovered through this study. For example, several themes came out about the youth and young adults who […]

An Incredible Future

Before You Say Goodbye tells the stories of just some of the incredible things happening with youth and young adults across our nation.  Some are in print, but we also have many links to videos, in the print and e-book version, to stories like this one from a Church that recently started in a home […]